International Program

NCF's international cooperation program originated from its fruitful experience in Taiwan.

The Chang Gung Medical team led by Dr. Noordhoff helped Taiwan patients with cleft lip and palate get the best resulting medical treatment through solid clinical experience and technology; NCF promotes psychological and social support programs and public education to help patients integrate into society and to successfully implement the concept of holistic medical care.

With the success of its Taiwan program, NCF hopes to contribute its experience to the international community so that more of the world's craniofacial patients can regain their smiles. With the assistance of Taiwanese businessmen, the NCF international assistance program began in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 1998, and gradually expanded to Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, China, and other countries. Since 1998, NCF has conducted more than 80 free clinics in 9 countries, trained more than 180 medical personnel in 23 countries, and collaborated with more than 20 overseas partner teams to establish craniofacial centers and teams based on a philosophy of sustainable development and partnership relationships to allow craniofacial patients to receive holistic medical care.

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