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There are various ways you can join us to help cleft people. One of the easy way is to put on NCF Charity T-Shirt~!
NCF dedicates to helping people who have congenital craniofacial deformities, mainly with cleft lips, cleft palates, or both. Aims of NCF is to help people with craniofacial deformities receive comprehensive care, sponsor research to advance the quality of medical care. Most importantly, NCF tries to improve public awareness and social acceptance of patients with the sincere message “Love Makes Whole” on various of public forums through the benefit of social media.
▲The best NCF Charity T-Shirt ambassador is NCF cleft clients. 
The distribution of superbly designed “Love Makes Whole ” T-Shirts is one of NCF’s creative charity products. All the benefits from “Love Makes Whole” T-Shirts are used to help the cleft lip/ palate people. Want to do charity today? Buy A T-Shirt then~!
Please email me for more information on types of T-Shirt. 
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