Documentary of Dr. Noordhoof: 40 Years in Taiwan


With my two hands I've attempted to heal others with love, whether it is their heart, spirit, or body that is damaged.”

Dr. Samuel Noordhoff, founder of Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation is an American missionary who came to Taiwan in 1959. In 1976, Dr. Noordhoff became Director of Chang Gung Hospital Taiwan. He started the Reconstructive Surgery Department at Chang Gung Hospital. At that time, the department had only four doctors. Dr. Noordhoff told one of the doctors that they were going to become the biggest in the world on an island nation. In 1976, Taiwan had a poor economy so what the Reconstructive Surgery Department Chang Gung Hospital has today is Dr. Noordhoff's dream comes true……” In the winter of 1989, Dr. Noordhoff donated US$100,000 of his hard-earned life savings to establish the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation. Ever since that Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation and Craniofacial Center Chang Gung Hospital have been cooperating to help the cleft people in Taiwan as well as around the world. 

▲Dr. Noordhoff came to Taiwan in 1959. The 40 years devotional life in Taiwan, Dr. Noordhoff  has made a great contribution to the medical development in Taiwan.  

In 1999, when Dr Noordhoff said he was retiring to the US. Friends, patients and students were sad to see him go. But he worried about the Craniofacial Center and the Foundation he started, and how it would keep growing after his departure. This remained on his heart.....

Quoting Mark Twain: Make your vocation your vacation. He loved his 40-year vacation in Taiwan. His heart for the Craniofacial Center and the Foundation never wavered.”

“Long Vacation” and “Long Vacation Thereafter” are serial documentaries NCF produces which tell the stories of Dr. Noordhoof’s 40 years devotional life in Taiwan. There was a free Premier on the 2 Documentaries on the 23rd August. Due to the ages, Dr. Noordhoff is not able to sustain the long flight to attend the Premier.  However, friends, colleagues as well as patients of Dr. Noordhoff’s were still come to witness the 40 years devotional life Dr. Noordhoff has in Taiwan. Totally, there were 100 attendances at the Premier. They said Dr. Noordhoff will always be the spiritual model in their lives.

The documentaries have been uploaded unto the NCF official website, please check the links below.

Long Vacation:

Long Vacation Thereafter:

▲There were nearly 100 attendances at the Premier.


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The article is edited from  the“Long Vacation Thereafter”documentary.
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