They Need Your Help


The coordinator of NCF Cambodia Hospital posted this informaiton on their official Facebook. Which reveals the cleft birth defects in the developing countries is still in great need. They may have a difficult time eating and oftenly causes issues with proper nutrition.  Most people here in Taiwan are less aware of comared to those living in the developing countries  because clefts could be surgically repaired soon. Please write to us if you want to support and know more about our Cambodia Program.

Today I had met 2 differences patients in the first time for them at my my hospital(NPH). The first boy was 16 years old with primary cleft lip and secondary is 3months old and nearly 2kg boy with cleft and palate . I asked the first boy why do you keep your cleft lip until 16y? His father said his family very poor and living far from city (near oral mountain). and doesn't have money come to operation. I had replied to him, our hospital has free operation for cleft lip and palate since 1998 until now. Ok Don't worry ! I had prepare schedule for his operation on next week (everything is free for him including operation, hospital stay, post operation treatment.... ). They are look so happy!!

But for the second boy is more worry for me, because he is 3m old but only 1kg 9. He is malnutrition baby. His family look very poor . I want to know more about how to increase baby weight and strong healthy. So need sombody help me please if someone know about how to feeding baby with malnutrition under 6months old. Please let me know, I want to advice to his family to take care him because I to save him life. Thank you so much...

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