The Mother Who Came from the Stars


One of the yearly NCF big events is “Love Makes Whole” Children’s Literature Competition. The competition invites all the elementary school students graded from 3 to 6 to join. All forms of creative writing with theme of “Love Yourself But Respect the Differences” are accepted. Winners would have the chance for the completed stories to be published with cash prizes.

YanZhen is the winner of 17th “Love Makes Whole” Children’s Literature Awards, with the work named " The Mother Who Came from the Stars." It is a true story based on YanZhen’s cousin and aunt. “My aunt is a Vietnamese. The language and cultural difference would sometimes seem special to me.

But I could tell that aunt is a good mother. She usually saves the best stuff for her children and work hard to provide the supportive good environment for them.

What I learnt from aunt is: A mother's love is the same in any language. To read the full story please go→

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