The 16th “Love Makes Whole” Children’s Literature Awards


Winners of the 16th “Love Makes Whole” Children’s Literature Awards were announced, “Perfection and Imperfection” is the theme of this year. The gold medal winner, Wu Peijun beats the other competitors with the work “The Missing Puzzle.” Gao Erya, wins the silver medal with her work “The Fishy Cat and Me.” Both of the stories illustrate the true meaning of perfection.

The Missing Puzzle

"The Missing Puzzle" is a personal experience of Wu Peijun. Peijun’s mom became handicapped after a car accident. Overwhelmed by the fact, Peijun’s dad decided to flee away from the family and leave Peijun, Peijun’s mom and 2 elder sisters behind. In spite of the unhappy memories of dad’s left and being abused by the babysitter who came in while mom is out to work, Peijun is loved by others, for instances, teachers at school, mom and sisters. They showed Peijun “What makes life important is being complete but not perfect.”


The Fishy Cat and Me

“The Fishy Cat and Me” is a fiction. It is the story of a child and a cat with a fish shaped birthmark on her face. In the story, the birthmark symbolizes "The Regret" which somehow we may have in different seasons of our lives.  The author tries to emphasize if we are willing to face and accept "The Fact which troubles us"; it may no longer be a detestable but memorable experience.  Otherwise, it would be something couldn't stop annoying us for the rest of our lives.  

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