Pilot dream, surgeon love in Indonesia

I am Alki Andana, a plastic surgeon from Surabaya, Indonesia.

When I was a kid I had a dream of being a jet fighter pilot. That’s because my father was a commercial pilot in the local airline company. My father died in a flight accident in 1994. Because of that my mother would not allow me to pursuit my dream of becoming a pilot. 

I am currently working in the Dr. Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya. It is the primary referral hospital in the east of Indonesia. Accordingly, lots of craniofacial patients, especially cleft patients refer to our center. 


I am so thankful that I could join NCF fellowship program. I think Taiwan medical system is one of the best in the world. My supervisor was very nice and taught me various aspects of knowledge. It is very useful and sometimes I think 1 years experience is not enough. 

I have finished training and been back to my country for nearly half a year. My short term goal is to use the knowledge and skill I gain to develop the craniofacial division of Plastic Surgery Department in my hospital and hope to set up a Craniofacial center one day. 

In Indonesia, doing long-term follow up has its difficulty because patients are spreading from other islands across Indonesia. Tiring traveling always stops patients from coming back for monthly follow-up. That is the issue we have to sort out. 

Therefore, we launch charity mission program. We go to isolated islands across the country and do surgeries in the boat. We teach local medical practitioners how to handle craniofacial cases.

To set up a mature craniofacial center, there are so many difficulties needed to be conquered. It won’t be easy but I would never give up for a better smile and quality life for cleft people.

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