Fashion, is what belongs inside out

Clefts kids are always stronger than you thought. It’s never an easy job to be brave for any oral surgery, but with extra sensitivity, they aren’t hesitate to share their love.

“9 years in relationship and marriage until now, I think my husband, Mark is always in his style. His charm is inside out.” Liss happily shared her love, and it has touched many friends.Fashion, is what belongs inside out

Can you imagine? 20 years ago, Mark living in Kaohsiung, started to commute between Kaohsiung and Taipei (around 400km) alone to have cleft lip & palate repair surgery from Dr. Noordhooff. For more than 6 times main operations, exhaustion not only from commuting on trips, but laughing or mocking from classmates has crashed down his confidence. Fortunately, the Noordhooff Craniofacial Foundation (NCF) has encountered, and helped Mark to release from it.

After grownup, with major of hair design, he gained favor from more and more customers. Treating people always in manners and modesty helps Mark’s business be recommended by everyone.

“Probably, because of his hard work, God opened other windows and I finally saw him through windows. ”Liss said. 

Fashion, is what belongs inside out

With Liss’s show up, encouraged Mark to do oral and maxillofacial surgery, to complete his final surgery for cleft palate. Also, she encouraged every craniofacial youth that never feel down to yourself because we have to believe there’s always someone there can see the beauty in us.

Liss started to put donation box in her nail saloon shop in 2016. She believes the beauty is never going to be hidden if we start to dedicate ourselves in it.

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