NCF supports Newborns with Cleft Lip and/or Palate in Vietnam

Most of the newborns with cleft experience milkchoking during feeding. Infants tends to choke and leak milk from their nose during feedings due to the opening between the mouth and nose. It may result in cleft babies having insufficient nutrition, and miss the golden time for surgical treatment. In Taiwan, NCF provides a gift bag to every cleft newborn. The bag contains 2 special feeding bottles designed for cleft baby and a sheet on cleft babies caring. Because of the special bottles, cleft babies can successfully feeding, gaining weight to undergo important surgeries.

However, not every cleft baby is blessed to have special bottles. In many southeast countries, there is limited access to these bottles, and they are expensive. For example, in Vietnam, it costs over 30 USD for one special bottle, and it is only available in certain shops. Many parents with cleft babies can only be left to be anxious. They are heartbroken and frustrated to watch their babies suffer, and worry their babies will be turned away from the medical team because of malnutrition or even leave to die.

A mother with cleft baby is very happy to recive our special feeding bottles

To provide better support to Vietnamese families with cleft babies, NCF set up a Vietnamese Facebook page called “NCF Healthy Baby” ( We share health education on cleft and useful information and techniques for taking care of cleft babies. We also work with our local partner hospitals – Odonoto-Maxillo-Facial Hospital and Vietnam National Children’s Hospital – to provide special bottles to cleft newborns. As of the end of June 2020, we have provided special bottles to around 30 families. With the use of special bottles, cleft babies no longer suffer from milkchoking and accordingly they could grow well. Many parents are filled with joy after receiving the bottles, and share their photos with babies and bottles with us!

Our founder, Dr. Noordhoff,once mentioned, NCF needed to try our best to connect the top resources for cleft patients worldwide so that these babies could be treated like cleft babies in Taiwan. Ever since NCF has started doing international cleft missions in 1998, NCF holds on tied of Dr. Noordhoff’s words to assist our seed-medical-practitioners to develop their cleft team under a sustainable model and the good faith of partnership. Providing special bottles for Vietnamese cleft babies is another step forward to fulfill NCF’s vision. We bless Vietnamese babies to grow up well just like Taiwanese’s cleft babies do.

With special feeding bottles, cleft babies no longer suffer from milkchoking.

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