Quan Hong’s Beloved Family

NCF has been knowing Quan Hong for 16 years since our early cleft mission in Cambodia. Quan Hong was born with a cleft lip and palate. She had her lip repaired in 2000 and palate repaired 2 years after. Quan Hong has been regularly coming back to National Pediatric Hospital for follows-ups.
Quan Hong shared with NCF that her dream job is to be a nurse as she grows up. After evaluating the economic condition of Quan Hong’s family, NCF decided to financially sponsor Quan Hong education fees with an aim of assisting her achieving the dream. Few years passing by, Quan Hong is now a 17 years old freshman at Angkor Khemara Univeristy. 

▲Quan Hong holds a picture which was taken when she first met NCF. From the right to the left are Ms Rebecca (CEO of NCF), Quan Hong and her mom, Professor Lo (Chairman of the Department of Surgery, CGMH) 

Recently, NCF holds a “2016 Love Makes Whole Painting Competition.” We hope the candidates could express their story of love, such as parents’ caring, friends’ encouragement, caring from medical practitioners or any other stories with their painting.
We are glad that that Quan Hong participates the painting competition this time. Here is the content of her story.
Beloved Family
I come from a poor family. My parents work as farmers. Although I was born with cleft lip and palate, they always give me love and cherish me. I am very happy. I love my family very much.
My parents give me hope while I was under great pressure in my study since grade 12th to the university. In my painting, there is MY MOM when I was a child. Although my family is poor and live in a small house, my mother’s love and smile is always with us and make we happy. I will never forget how my parents love us. 
There is a SUN also in the painting which represents LIGHT to children with cleft lip and/or palate. Group of medical practitioners from Taiwan and NCF are the LIGHT to the cleft people like me, so I want to encourage cleft friends please don’t worry. 
The BRIDGE represents the cooperation between Taiwan and Cambodia to repair the smiles of cleft lip and palate children in Cambodia. 
The NURSE who hugs the child is the medical practitioner from Taiwan and Khmer to provide loving, care and professional treatment to the cleft people in Cambodia. They are not doing one time mission but continually follow up the patients. I am the great example. My cleft was repaired by the Taiwanese cleft mission team as I was little but I continually come back for my follow-ups. 
Again, I am grateful for the medical practitioners from Taiwan to provide aid to children in Cambodia.
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