A Life Being Surrounded by Smiles

Paul is one of our 2014 Smile Life Calendar illustrators.

▲ Paul with his smiley face

Paul said he loves to participate NCF events where he can meet other cleft friends. Being surrounded by people sharing similar experiences brings him more security and confidence. Knowing his appearance’s difference makes Paul didn’t have the courage to approach others. After being involved with NCF, getting to know more cleft friends, he starts to change his perspective of viewing himself.

▲ Piece of Paul's work in our 2014 Calendar, named "Being Surrounded by Smiles"

Paul shared with us, when he is depressed; he loves to lift his eyes up onto the sky. As he sees the clouds hanging on the sky, it seems that they are smiling at him. Suddenly, he realized no matter how depressed or sorrowful he is undergoing, the universe is stilling going, the sky is still shining. Think positively and things will be on the track again.

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