You Are Worthy of Love. So Am I.

Jerry, born with a cleft lip and palate, is on his fifth grade.  Since Jerry was little, he has always been compared with his older brother, who was born with normal appearance. Which makes him thinks he is miserable and unworthy.
When Jerry first came to our Support Group held for the craniofacial deformities children, he was very shy and didn't know how to interact with others. As it came to the self introduction, Jerry got numb and have no idea what to say.
The same thing happened on the second time. But it came a turning point when other craniofacial children tried to encourage Jerry and gave him confidence to speak up, "Hello everyone, my name is Jerry.” The moment when Jerry finally open his mouth and spoke everyone was so excited and gave a big clap.
Jerry could eventually overcome his fear and shame then get involved with others.
End of the day, time to the evaluation, kids were asked who makes the most progress during the program today. They could lay their hands on that person. Jerry was the one who got the most hands on.
Good on you Jerry~! It's a great start :)
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