Dream Big, Strive Hard

▲Photo of Tian Man with his silver award

A 6 years old boy strives hard to achieve his dream regardless of physical imperfection. 

NCF aims to help the people with craniofacial differences receive holistic care by addressing their diverse needs of bodies, minds and souls.

Tian Man is one of NCF international cleft program cases. He was born with a cleft lip and palate. Due to the birth defect, Tian Man was forsaken by his biographic parents few days after. Sooner he was adopted by Bethany Foster Home in Shanxi province of China.

How we came to know Tian Man could be traced back to 2007 as we went on the international medical mission at partner hospital First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University. Whom NCF has been working with for years on the International Cleft Program, to encourage them processing more free cleft surgeries by subsidy granted. Tian Man was one of the cases we sponsored.

To improve Tian Man’s speech difficulties, he underwent Speech Therapy after having his palate repaired. Being under two years speech therapy, Tian Man found his interests in public speaking and dreams to be an excellent speaker. With 2 years persistent and tireless practices, Tian Man started enrolling himself in public speaking competitions which all ended up with beautiful scores of silver awards. As a kid always tries to overcome the physical limitation, Tian Man sets his goal to win the gold medal.

However, with the tight budget, Bethany Foster Home can’t afford the extra expenses on developing the talent of Tian Man so they tried to contact us. Regarding to our mission to improve the lives of those affected by craniofacial differences, NCF decided to financially support Tian Man on his talent development.

August 2013, Tian Man challenged himself with another competition in Beijing. Again, Tian Man won the 3rd silver award in his life. He was happy but didn’t simply content with the result.

Tian Man’s story can be an inspiration to us. End the story with the quote from Nick Vujicic, author of “Life Without Limits,” “If I fail, I try again, and again, and again …..It matters HOW you are going to FINISH.” Bless each one of you.

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