Always the Apple of Mom's Eyes

Igor is a child born with microtia and hemifacial microsomia, causing her to be deaf in one ear. She is the oldest child of the family with a younger sister. Her father does odd jobs here and there, from farming to part-time jobs, earning only around US$1 to US$1.50 per day. Her mother works regularly for a family as a maid earning only US$20 per month.  

"Although I was very sad when the doctor diagnosed Igor with microtia at birth, I still dedicated full effort to raising her because she is my first child," said Igor's mother. At the time, the doctor informed Igor's mother that her ears could be reconstructed when she is older.


The day Igor and her mother had been longing for finally arrived as the Foundation's "Love Makes Whole" cleft mission team visited Indonesia. It was 2008 and Igor was only 17 years old. She was unemployed at the time after completing junior high school. Igor was very afraid of going under the operation, but she had faith in the medical skills of doctors from Taiwan and believed that the surgery could change her life.

Her body was very frail after the surgery as she laid on her bed in the intensive care unit, since the doctors had to retrieve healthy cartilage from her ribs to carve an ear framework in order to reconstruct her ear. She looked like she was in a lot of pain and kept on pointing at her ears and ribs. Despite the pain, Igor held out her hand and shook hands with the medical team who helped reconstruct her life and extended her greatest appreciation for all of their help.  

"I hope Igor can successfully find a job after the surgery. I also hope she can be just like any other girl, get married, and have children of her own," said Igor's mother. The Foundation deeply felt her unselfish motherly love for Igor. Igor will always be her mother's precious little girl and after Igor becomes a mother herself, she will definitely uphold and convey this strong love to her own children in the future.

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