Core value

Since 1998, NCF has conducted international cooperation programs, sharing Taiwan's cleft lip and palate treatment technology with medical teams in developing countries, helping developing countries to sustainably provide high-quality medical care so that local patients can receive holistic medical care. NCF's international cooperation program has three core values:

  • Team-based approch leads to best results 

NCF is committed to the promotion of the concept of team-based medical care and helping developing countries establish craniofacial centers and teams. Patients with a cleft lip and palate need a complete medical team, including surgery, orthodontics, speech therapy, nursing, anesthesia, clinical coordination, social work, etc. therefore NCF promotes the establishment of craniofacial centers to provide patients with complete medical care.

  • Capacity building 

The NCF international cooperation program attaches great importance to building potential. Through bringing international seed doctors to Taiwan for training, holding medical seminars and workshops, publishing cleft lip and palate surgery books and DVDs, etc., we train medical personnel from various countries to obtain the most advanced craniofacial treatment technology to use on patients in their home countries, so that developing countries can treat their own patients with their own doctors.

  • Long-term partnership

NCF embraces the spirit of long-term cooperation, thorough communication with partner teams, grasping the needs of overseas partner teams, and developing long-term and effective cooperation programs through professional evaluation and supervision.

(Photo: the international seed doctors in the NCF 30th anniversary event with the board director Nancy Lamberts and consultant Rebecca Wang)

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