Holistic Medical Treatment

NCF believes that repairing patients' emotional scars is just as important as physical scars, so it emphasizes providing holistic treatment services both physical and psychological. Its medical team includes surgeons; orthodontists; speech therapists; anesthesiologists; ear, nose, and throat physicians; clinical coordinators; nurses; social workers, and more. Due to defects in their appearance, craniofacial patients are prone to face discrimination and exclusion in family, school, and interpersonal relationships. Therefore, we are committed to providing all types of services for psychosocial adaptation, beginning with the time of the mother's pregnancy to the birth of the patient and on to complete career development services through the age of 18.

Capacity Building

NCF believes that "it is better to teach a man how to fish than to just give him a fish to eat." We provide scholarships to sponsor international craniofacial medical seed personnel to learn the latest concepts and techniques in craniofacial treatment in Taiwan, and use what they have learned to treat local patients after returning to their home country; hold medical seminars and free clinics to improve medical knowledge; and publish books on cleft lip and palate surgery to improve the treatment standards of craniofacial medical teams in various countries.


NCF has established long-term and sustainable partnerships with medical teams from various countries based on the philosophy of the United Nations' sustainable development goals. Through two-way communication with partners and professional assessment of local needs, combined with international and local resources, donated medical equipment, and related resources, we support partners to establish craniofacial teams and centers to serve more local craniofacial patients.