Being vast in size, China's population is by far the largest in the world. The rural-urban development divide has led to medical resource shortage and expensive medical expenses in remote areas, preventing cleft lip and palate patients from receiving early and follow-up treatments. Therefore the NCF, following Dr. Noordhoff's “Love Makes Whole” belief, integrated local Taiwanese businessmen's resources and began collaborating with ShenZhen Second Hospital in 2003, assisting with the hospital's training of medical practitioners. The NCF also assembled a team and embarked on cleft missions to local areas. This initiated the foundation's development plans for craniofacial medical collaboration projects with China. The plans are focused on training seed medical practitioners in China and allowing the people to receive medical treatments locally. The NCF successfully trained 66 seed medical practitioners and assisted 13 local interdisciplinary (including surgical, orthodontic, anesthetic, speech therapy, and other specialties) craniofacial teams from partner hospitals in providing patients with comprehensive cleft lip and palate medical services.

  • Population: 1,351,000,000
  • Population growth rate: 0.5%
  • Life expectancy: 75
  • Land area: 9,327,489
  • Average national income (GNI per capita, Atlas method): US$5,720

(Sources: World Development Indicator database, 2012)

Current Status and Achievements

Current major collaboration projects: seed medical practitioner training, cleft missions, craniofacial center establishment, pre and post surgery treatment subsidy, speech therapy service.

Number of cleft missions: 
Number of patients treated: 
Number of seed medical practitioners: 
speech therapists: 


Xi'an Jiaotong University Stomatology Hospital

  • Contact person: Dr. Jin-Feng Lee, Chief of Oral and Maxiliofacial Surgical Department
  • Address: 98 Xi Wu Road, Xi'an China, on the southeast corner of the North Street intersection
  • Contact number: +86-029-8724-0849
  • E-mail:


ShenZhen Second People's Hospital

  • Contact person: Dr. Cang-Shang Zheng, Chief of Stomatology Department
  • Adress: 3002 Zhenggang West Road, Shenzhen City
  • Contact number: +86-755-83366388
  • E-mail:


The Affiliated Hospital of Medical College Qingdao University

  • Contact person: Dr. Xue-Cai Yang, Oral and Maxiliofacial Surgical Department
  • Address: 16 Jiangsu Road, Qingdao City, Shandong, 266003
  • Contact number: +86-532-82911359
  • E-mail:


No.1 Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

  • Contact person: Dr. Xin-Rong Nan, Stomatology Department
  • Address: 85 Jie Fang Nan Lu, Taiyuan City, Shanxi, 030001
  • Contact number: +86-351-4690868-8025
  • E-mail:


People Hospital in Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

  • Contact person: Dr. Zai-En Han, Vice Chief of Oral Department
  • Address: Hospital Building, Hedong Victory Avenue, Hulunbeier City
  • Contact number: +86-470-3997148
  • Website:


No. 2 Attached Hospital of Medical School of Shantou University

  • Address: Dongxia North Road, Shantou City, Guangdong Province
  • Contact number: +86-754-88915800


The People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region

  • Address: 91 Tian Chi Lu, Urumqi
  • Contact number: +86-991-8558693


West China College/Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University

  • Contact person: Dr. Sheng Li, Faculty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Address: 14, Section 3, Renminnan Rd., Chengdu, Sichuan
  • Contact number: +86-28-85501437


Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

  • Contact person: Dr. Hua Yuan, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Address: 136 Hanzhong Road, Nanjing
  • Contact number: +86-25-86662943


Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital Affliated Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

  • Address: 639 Zhizaoju Road, Shanghai
  • Contact number: +86-21-6313-8341


Affiliated Stomatological Hospital, Wenzhou Medical College

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