International Services

Fifty years ago, Dr. Samuel Noordhoff, founder of the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, traveled the distance from the medically advanced U.S.A. to Taiwan, a country lacking medical resources. Believing in the value of “teaching them how to fish while also feeding them fish”, Dr. Noordhoff successfully advanced Taiwan's medical developments and elevated the country's medical qualities and standards.

The Chang Gung craniofacial medical team led by Dr. Noordhoff is recognized globally with its copious clinical experience and techniques. Taiwan's cleft lip and palate patients were finally able to receive the medical team's best treatments after the team worked hard to cultivate its standing in Taiwan for the past 20 years. The patients were given back normal physical and psychological functions, and were able to adapt to the society. This successfully completed another chapter in Dr. Noordhoff's experience in Taiwan. While the patients benefited from the ample results, the NCF also hopes to contribute the learning from this experience worldwide, allowing more craniofacial patients in the world to regain their confidence and smile, and to embrace a brand new life.

Dr. Noordhoff continued to create medical miracles in Taiwan with love and care over the years. In 1998, with the help of Taiwanese businessmen's network, the NCF's international aid work finally began in Ho Chi Minh City. Debuting on the international collaboration stage for the first time, the NCF engaged the locals through cleft missions, understanding their needs, selecting and training local seed medical practitioners, and passing on Taiwan's experiences and models. The NCF also assisted in establishing overseas craniofacial centers and foundations, allowing locals to help locals and for overseas seed practitioners to settle down and continue to develop in their countries.

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