Cleft and dental mission in rural Mongolia


In order to improve the oral health of Mongolian children and cleft patients, a multi-party cooperation program named “Medical Mission of Dental Treatment and Cleft Surgery in Mongolia” was initiated by the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation. The program took place in June 2022 with the collaboration of the NCF and its Mongolian partner Healthy Teeth Healthy Future and National Center for Mother and Child Health of Mongolia. The program aimed to provide free dental treatment and cleft surgeries for patients in rural Mongolia region. The program was sponsored by NCF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan.

Dental hygiene has been a serious problem in Mongolia. It has been reported that 1 to 3 people die of oral disease complications each month in Mongolia, mostly resulting from dental caries. 95% of the Mongolian population suffers from dental caries. Accordingly, oral health is a significant public health issue in Mongolia.

To solve the problem, the program provided dental treatment for 300 children and residents in Kentii province. 13 professional dentists were sent to Kentii province and conducted free dental treatments from June to October in 2022. In addition, one  charity mission for cleft palate was sent. Through the mission, around 25 to 30 craniofacial patients received free cleft lip and palate surgeries. Also, oral hygiene education was provided to the children and their parents to improve their knowledge of oral health and promote their well-being.

The NCF is a Taiwan-based non-governmental organization dedicated to comprehensive care for patients with congenital craniofacial deformities. Since 1989, the NCF has been providing psych-social support and medical treatment for around 100,000 patients in Taiwan and all around the world.

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