NCF partners with MOFA Taiwan for international training project


NCF has signed an MOU with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan on March 27, 2020, to co-sponsor a capacity building program for medical personnel from the south and southeast Asia aiming at patients suffered from cleft lip and palate. The “Seed Medical Practitioners Training Program in New Southbound Policy Countries” will provide scholarships for 25 doctors and medical professionals. The professionals are expected from Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam to learn the most up-to-date technique for surgery and treatment in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital of Taiwan. The program will also sponsor the medical personnel to attend the Asia-Pacific Craniofacial Annual Conference in November of 2020 in Taiwan for experience sharing and learning. NCF has initiated the capacity building program for medical professionals from developing countries since 2000, and there are more than 175 professionals from 22 countries have completed the training in Taiwan.


  Picture 1                                                                       Picture 2

Picture 1: NCF has been training more than 175medical professionals from 22 countriessince 2000.
Picture 2: The NCF Chief Executive Officer Ms. Rebecca Wang (right), and MOFA Director General Scott Lai (left), have signed an MOU.

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