“Love Makes Whole” – The Long-term sponsorship program that cares for more


In order to help more overseas children has cleft lip and palate, Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (NCF) has started a fundraising campaign “Love Makes Whole”, by providing long-term medical care to children in need. With only NTD 700 per month a child’s life can be totally different. The press conference was held at Syntrend in Taipei on August 18, 2016.

(Photos: NCF launchs the "Love Makes Whole: Long-term Sponsorship" Fundraising Program to support oversea cleft patients)

In the event, a special guest Rojan from the Philippines suffered from cleft lip and palate, was also invited to share his story. Being bullied for his appearance and speaking difficulties, “I feel so depressed and even want to end my life back then, “Rojan recalled. However, his life has changed after NCF provided him with surgeries and follow-up treatments. His touching story has also been filmed into a micro movie by a Taiwanese director Lu-Ying Liang. Taiwanese judge Huei-Fang Lin who has cleft lip and palate also attended the event, saying she was very lucky to be born in Taiwan because the deformity could be treated in an early age with premium medical care. She is thankful for not having to go through the rough road as Rojan had. Both Rojan and Huei-Fang Lin called for more public attention on cleft lip and palate patients.

(Photo: Mr. Rojan, a cleft patient from Philippines and the special guest of NCF, shares his life story.)

In Taiwan, follow-up treatments are very crucial for cleft lip and palate patients to reach full recovery, it usually lasts until the patient turns 18. In many developing countries, however, cleft patients have limited access to reach the medical resource due to prevalence of poverty. NCF hopes the fundraising campaign could bring more resource and extend comprehensive treatment and surgery for overseas cleft patients. That is the role of long-term sponsorship program plays.

(Photo: NCF extends comprehensive treatment and surgery for overseas cleft patients.)

Established in 1990, the NCF has cooperated with 20 international cleft teams in 8 countries since 1998. Each cleft team provides 200-450 cases of surgery respectively, which sums to 9000 cases of surgery every year. The NCF has also arranged more than 70 cleft missions in 9 countries with about 1700 surgery cases and provided training program for 149 medical personnel from 18 countries. 

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