2016 Love Makes Whole Painting Competition


▲ Philippines, Melanie E. Jañola, 8 yrs ‘My Happiness’.

The imperfection in life could be healed by love. If life is a flower, ‘love’ will be the fertile soil to nourish us to become beautiful flowers. ‘Love makes whole’ is a concept to deliver story of love, such as parents’ caring, friends’ encouragement, caring from medical practitioners or any other stories could express this theme.

In this year,the 12 winners include 2 from Cambodia and 3 from Philippines will award with 100 US dollars each. The Golden and Silver winner will award with free flight tickets and hotel to Taiwan for Award Ceremonywill be held in Taiwan on the 25th September 2016. Exact time and venue will be announced.

Furthermore, all paintings will be made calendar for charity bazaar ( 14,000 PCS ) to fundraise patients overseas.

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