2014 NCF Domestic Medical Mission


▲A group photo of child patients with their parents

In 2001, the first NCF domestic medical mission was strated. Ever since that, domestic medical mission became a regular big event. With the statics assessment on NCF patients' data system, we discovered that there is a high population of patients in the eastern part of Taiwan. However, the isolated residential locations  increase the difficulties in their access to cities for cleft treatment and follow-ups. Due to that, NCF had free medical mission in the eastern part this year, and Hualien city was chosen as the medical station. Mainly of the medical team members are NCF social workers with 1 surgeon and 1 speech therapist.

Dr. Philip, Kuo- Ting Chen (Director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department CGMH).

Concerning that both patients and their families could be involved, NCF designed the event into 2 lines. For the parents, consultation and cleft care are mainly focused. Support network building and medical treatments are especially for the child patients. There were 78 participants from 26 families joining us this time. Parents were very happy that they can come together to share experiences and encourage each other. In accordance with the result of medical examination, only a couple of the patients needed to be followed up. Overall patients’ conditions are good.

▲ Peers' supporting networks could be easily built through rounds of games 

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