Time to count down~!! 2014 Vietnamese Cleft Mission, half month to go~!


NCF started our 1st international Cleft Mission in Vietnamese in 1998.  Ever since then, we have regular Cleft Mission nearly twice a year. So far, we have been for 61 times of missions. The countries we have been to are Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Laos, Myanmar and Mongolia.

This coming April, with the cooperation of CGMH and Odonto Maxillo Facial Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City, NCF is going to have our 11th Vietnamese Cleft Mission. It is a 4 days event and expected to have 35 patients been screened and 18 got free cleft surgeries.

▲ Photo taken in NCF 2012 Vietnamese Cleft Mission 

Dr. Duong is our last Vietnamese Seed Practitioner from last year. He is currently working as a surgeon at Odonto Maxillo Facial Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City. Lun- Jou Lo, M.D. , mentor of Dr. Duong from CGMH who is also the team leader of this mission claimed Dr. Duong is a good surgeon. Dr. Lo was very happy to have Dr. Duong as an international fellow and is looking forward to working with him on the coming mission. We all can’t wait to see these lovely smiles get restored :)

▲ Dr. Duong with his mentor from CGMH, Lun- Jou Lo, M.D. (the one on the right).

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