Chinese Seed Medical Practitioners Came to Taiwan for 2 Months Training


NCF believes team-based cleft treatment is the most beneficial strategy for the cleft patients. Due to that, we strive to help our international partners to set up a professional craniofacial center.

It has been 2 years we have not had any Chinese Seed Medical Practitioners joined us. We are very glad this year there are 3 medical practitioners from The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University come as a team to have 2 months training in CGMH. Three of them from different specialties; they are surgeon, orthodontist and nurse. 

▲ Chinese Seed Medical Practitioners with Dr. Yu-Ray Chen ( Chairman of Steering Committee CGMH, 2nd from the right )

The Chinese practitioners called in the office the other day and were very excited sharing what they have learned so far. They cherish the precious chance to be fellows at the world known craniofacial center and try to spend every moment at its fullness.  How exciting to see the Seeds of Love been planted around the world. 

▲ Group Photo of Chinese Seed Medical Practitioners 

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