Fan Jung Yu wins the badminton women's singles gold medal at the 2013 Sofia Deaflympics

▲ Photo taken at 2013 Sofia Bulgaria Deaflympics

Fan Jung Yu, the 18 years old gold badminton player in 2013 Sofia Bulgaria Deaflympics, was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, which is also known as Treacher Collins Fraceschetti syndrome. The typical physical features of Jung Yu are microtia and micrognathia, which come along with hearing and breathing problems.

Regardless of Jung Yu’s congenital deformity, Jung Yu’s parents encourage her to get involved with all sorts of sports, activities and enjoy being with different types of people since she was little. And that’s how Jung Yu found her love in playing badminton.

▲ Jung Yu is a tough girl who never gives up

Jung Yu has been Champions almost all the way from 2009 Taipei Deaflympics, 2010 Indonesia Asian Pacific Badminton of Deaf, 2011 World Badminton of Deaf to 2012 Korean Asian Pacific Badminton of Deaf.

Fei Wen-chi, mother of Fan Jung Yu said she is very thankful for the assistance of the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation in helping Jung Yu undergo the treatments and courses which allow Jung Yu to remain competitive in society despite of her disability.

▲ An interview photo

Jung Yu, keep up what you are doing. We are proud of you~!

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