Congratulations, Dr. Jay!! We are proud of you~!!


Daddy, this is for you :) For the countless times you have inspired me to become one,”a precise but heartfelt thankfulness from NCFFilipino Seed Medical Practitioner, Dr. Jay.

▲ Photo of Dr. Jay, Jay's mother and lovely wife

13th of July, Dr. Jay was given the title of “Fellow” by the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons (PAPRAS) which is the only specialty society recognized by the Philippine College of Surgeons in the field of Aesthetic/Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, after doing the plastic surgery residency training for 6-8 years which depends on the institution, the surgeons are able to take the written and oral examinations given by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery. The ones who successfully pass the exam will be invited to take part of the local plastic surgery society (PAPRAS) by their more senior colleagues and be given the title “Fellow” which means they belong to the society and are already board-certified.

Dr. Jay still has nearly 6 months left on his training in Taiwan. We believe that he could continually learn different knowledge and surgical techniques along the way. After finishing the training, Dr. Jay plans to rejoin the Philippine General Hospital as a consultant in Plastic Surgery and also as part of its craniofacial surgery team which is the biggest tertiary government hospital in the Philippines.

Congratulations, Dr. Jay~~!!! Keep it up!!! May you be used abundantly and more patients will be blessed through you :)

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