Join us on the "Building Love" Mission~~~!!!


After months of hard work, NCF has finally been able to release our 3rd “Love Style, Life Style” charity fundraiser T-shirt - Building Love.

The author KeXin Chen, won the 1st prize among other 200 competitors with the work “Building Love.”  “KeXin demonstrates her idea “What is imperfect in life is perfected in love” with the picture of a hand trying to make the heart shaped building block complete.

NCF invites you to join us and put on the “Building Love” Tees! You are indispensible for our Building LOVE mission!!

Please Download the order form HERE.

After the form is fully completed, please scan and send it to the contact We will proceed the order assoon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation :)

Funds raised at this event will support NCF Education Program which aims to ensure every cleft child from the needy family is available to get education.

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