NCF first bilingual picture book - Taiwan’s Star Drummer


The first NCF bilingual picture book “Taiwan’s Star Drummer” was released ~! We were very glad it came out just few weeks before the 12th International Congress on Cleft Lip/ Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies held in the USA this early May . Thankfully, it is a great opportunity to demonstrate the picture book at our booth with other international partners and witness the joy that whatever effort we make will not be in vain. Through our best care, these cleft people could eventually be the successful participants in the society. Needless to say, the book was very popular and all the copies we brought were completely clear out on the first day of exhibition.

Taiwan’s Star Drummer won the Silver Award in the Sixth NCF “Love Makes Whole” Children’s Literature Competition in 2012. It was originally written in Chinese and the English edition was completed early this year. 

Author of the book Zhe-Yu Lin, people called him Star, was in the 5th grade when he first finished the book and now he is a 21 years old grown man. 

Star was a cleft lip and palate patient and got his cleft repaired few months after he was born. The book is about his life story. You may also read the whole book on NCF Publication Section, link as

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