NCF Seed Medical Practitioners fellowship trip with the cleft family, 26th May 2013



Cleft Family One Day Trip is a NCF annual event. NCF aims to build up the supportive network among the cleft families by functional programs and One Day Trip is one of that. NCF blends our vision by incorporating games, outdoor activities, BBQ and parenting consultation, and tries to have each individual family involved.

This year, we had our trip at ChingLin Farm in Taoyuan and it was a great honor  there were 7 foreign practitioners from the Craniofacial Center of CGMH with us. And 3 of them were NCF Seed Medical Practitioners. It's a great chance for these foreign practitioners not only had fun “exploring Taiwan,” most importantly, they would have the opportunities observe how NCF conduct local program and may have the chance to share the idea back to their hometowns.


Feedback from NCF Philippine Seed Medical PractitionerDr. Jay

The field trip with the NCF patients and parents to the farm strengthens the vision of NCF Taiwan to heal not only the body but more importantly, one's soul and mind. Indeed, it was a chance to interact with everyone and share each and every fellow's country and culture. It is a nice experience that I will treasure and bring home with me, when I go back to the Philippines. This NCF activity has made me realize that love and compassion are universal and know no boundaries. Thank you for inviting me to be part of this activity. 













Feedback from NCF Pakistani Seed Medical PractitionerDr. Minhas

This is a wonderful and memorable experience. I got a chance to experience the hospitability of Taiwan and natural beauty of this awesome island. The activities that were organized by NCF were really entertaining and we had a real good time with families and NCF staff.  Thank you.



Feedback from CGMH Thai fellow Dr. Saran Worasakwutiphong

This is a very nice program for the cleft families. It’s a good chance for the patients and families to gather together, sharing experiences and treatment information, building up the support group and make their lives better.


Feedback from NCF Vietnamese Seed Medical PractitionerDr. Tu

It was really an interesting and meaningful experience. I had a great time being with the children, teaching them how to pronounce "I love you, mom" in my mother tongue- Vietnamese, and directed them to complete my national flag puzzle. If time was allowed, I hope I could share with them more about my country and people.
Once again, I would like to give my sincere thanks to NCF having me this time and look forward to joining more NCF activities in the future.


Feedback from CGMH Indian fellow Dr. Pritam Mohanty

It is my pleasure to be here and grateful that I could have the opportunity being involved with NCF local activity for craniofacial abnormal patients. NCF is really doing a great job on humanitarian affairs. Looking forward to working with NCF in the future and apply similar activities in Indian.

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