Chinatrust provides early childhood education subsidy for underprivileged cleft lip and palate children



In order to provide cleft lip and palate children ages 2 to 6 a golden chance to pursue learning developments, Chinatrust Charity Foundation became a sponsor of Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation and initiated the “Craniofacial early childhood education subsidy program”. The program helps cleft lip and palate children from families with financial difficulties to receive better care and proper education, reducing the chance of developmental delays.



Executive Director of Chinatrust Charity Foundation Roger Kao, Founder of NCF Dr. Samuel Noordhoff and NCF’s Chairwoman, Carolyn Yeh, attended yesterday’s “Craniofacial early childhood education subsidy program achievement press conference”. A documentary directed by director Hsiao-Wen Lu, a cleft lip and palate patient himself, was shown during the conference. The documentary followed 3 cleft lip and palate children throughout their kindergarten education.

Director Hsiao-Wen Lu stressed that it is possible to improve cleft lip and palate children’s speech disorders through stimulation of the environment and interactions with other children as long as they have a chance to attend kindergarten. With the help of the “Craniofacial early childhood education subsidy program”, cleft lip and palate children from families with financial difficulties are given the chance to receive early childhood education and in turn improve their speech abilities and learn social interaction skills. This prevents the children from falling behind at the starting point of life simply because of the double disadvantage of their congenital abnormality and poor financial status.

Five year old Hsuan-Hsuan (pseudo name) is currently in kindergarten. Her father was a casual worker, but is currently recuperating at home due to a work injury two years ago. The family’s financial burden and the responsibility to take care of the family have fallen on Hsuan-Hsuan’s mother. However, being a foreign spouse and due to health issues, Hsuan-Hsuan’s mother couldn’t hold a full-time job. She could only rely on relatives for assistance with their daily lives. With the help of the “Craniofacial early childhood education subsidy program”, Hsuan-Hsuan can now attend school regularly.

Roger Kao said that over the past three years, the Chinatrust Charity Foundation has donated NTD$24.6 million to help craniofacial children attend kindergarten and receive proper medical care and education, bringing changes to these children’s destiny.

Published: October 2nd, 2010

By: Li, Li-Heng, United Daily News

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