Blessings for cleft lip and palate patients – Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation sets up service station in Chiayi




NCF's founder Dr. Samuel Noordhoff attended the opening reception and said that he is glad to serve more craniofacial patients.

Photo taken by Wu, Shih-Tsung

The Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, founded 21 years ago and dedicated to caring for cleft lip and palate patients, set up its fourth service station in Taiwan at the Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to serve over 500 patients in the Yunlin Chiayi area. NCF's founder flew in from the U.S. to attend the opening reception. He gave thanks to the Chang Gung medical team's assistance and for allowing the NCF to help even more people.

Collaborating with the Chang Gung Medical Team

Congenital cleft lip and palate patients’ appearance and speech ability are affected by their deformities. However, these conditions can slowly recover through reconstructive surgeries and practice. Dr. Samuel Noordhoff established the NCF in 1989, providing all-around services for craniofacial patients. The foundation has established service stations throughout Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

Considering there are less medical resources and social welfare services for patients in the Yunlin Chiayi area, the NCF decided to set up its Chiayi service station at the Chiayo Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The opening reception was held yesterday and participants included members of self-help groups formed by craniofacial families from different regions, as well as the Chang Gung medical team.

Members of the Chiayi Self-Help Group gave an opening dance performance to the song “You are my flower” at the reception. Dr. Noordhoff also came to Taiwan from the U.S. to participate in this celebration. He said that everyone's hard work is why the foundation is able to provide the best services for craniofacial patients. He also expressed thanks for the cooperation of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital as patients in the Yunlin Chiayi area no longer have to travel long distances to receive quality medical treatment.

Serving 500 patients in Yunlin Chiayi area

Director of the Department of Surgery of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Dr. Jen-Tsung Yang said that Dr. Noordhoff's spirit to help the people of Taiwan is unachievable by most people in this country. Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is honored to have this opportunity to work with the foundation.

Rebecca Wang, Executive Director of NCF, said that there are approximately 500 cleft lip and palate patients in the Yunlin Chiayi area. The NCF will provide individual services for each patient, financial subsidy, and bring together the patients' families. The NCF hopes that more and more craniofacial families can join the self-help group and make up for the missing pieces in the lives of craniofacial children with love.

Published: September 26th, 2010

By: Wu, Shih-Tsung, The Liberty Times

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