Overcoming all difficulties, Yunying is heading for the better future

Yang Yunying, a 19-year-old girl who suffered from neurofibromatosis, is from a mountainous village 1430 meters above sea level in Yunnan province, China. The first symptoms appeared when Yunying was 1-year-old. It started as a small lump, slowly it grew in size and a huge turgid tumor emerged on the right half of her face. 
Ever since Yunying first presented symptoms, her parents had searched everywhere for a medical professional who might be able to help. Meanwhile, they tried all kinds of treatments, including traditional herbal medicine but the results were unsatisfying. The tumors kept growing and pressure from the tumors on Yunying’s face and brain, and causing balance loss and learning disabilities. 
Until 2012, Yunying was referred by Taiwan Christian Medical Association to the NCF Taiwan. In 2012, Yunying completed her 1st phase of treatment, including 4 surgeries, at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. Yunying’s tumor was visibly much smaller after the course of treatment. The 2nd phase of treatment followed in 2013. Yunying had her right eye socket made symmetrical with the left one, an artificial eye fitted, and eyebrows transplanted. 
It has been 9 years since Yunying last visited Taiwan. Yunying was previously often absent from school for health reasons. Accordingly, Yunying is now 3 years behind at school compared to her peers. When we first got to know Yunying, her mom was worried that she wouldn’t even be able to finish elementary school but now she is in the 10th grade of senior high in Baoshan town, 90 km from her hometown.
“Yunying lives at boarding school. She comes home monthly. I was worried about her since I am used to being with her at all times, looking after her for everything. To my surprise, she is doing very well. I am very proud of her. She is an independent, grown-up girl now”, Yunying’s mom shared. 
Yunying is very happy that she can grow her hair, because she used to have to shave her hair very often for medical reasons. “If I can, I want to have long hair like other girls do.” Now, Yunying’s dream has come true. 
“I want to have a normal life, being independent with daily tasks, making money with my own talents and skills. That is my dream.” Hang on to your dream, Yunying! Don’t give up and don’t give in.
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