To the wonder of all things. We fell and then we are reborn.

“To the wonder of all things. We fell and then we are reborn.” 

confession from Minh’s mom.

Minh is an obedient and energetic 7-year-old boy. In past 7 years, he has undergone 4 surgeries, and the most recent is an alveolar bone graft surgery conducted at the end of June.

Minh’s mom still remembers the shock when informed that she had a cleft lip and palate baby in the 17th week of pregnancy. With supports from her family, Minh was born. After one month, she brought him to the Vietnamese National Children’s Hospital. Dr. Lan. enthusiastically welcomed her and told her that the cost of surgery is supported by the NCF Taiwan. Her family was very happy and reassured.

Recalling the first surgery, all emotions suddenly rushed into the young mother's mind. She still vividly remembers when she handed her baby over to the doctor, the image of the baby lying on the operating table preparing for anesthesia and the door gradually closed… At that moment, Minh’s mom was both worried and deeply saddened. In the later surgeries, she was as worried as the first time her son had surgery.

The worries of Minh’s family has been filled thanks to the dedication, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of the doctors and medical team of the Vietnamese National Children’s Hospital. Minh’s mom would like to express her special thanks to Dr. Lan - who directly performed 3 (out of 4) surgeries for the baby and accompanied him throughout the journey. For the past 7 years, her family has always felt secure when handing over their child to the doctor. Every time she went to the hospital or made a phone call from afar, she felt reassured by the gentle and thoughtful care of Dr. Lan. She emotionally shared: "It was the doctor who gave birth to my child again and gave him a complete appearance!".

Minh is now preparing to go to 2nd grade and is a loving "big brother". He’s already wondered about his slightly different appearance. After being gently explained by his parents, he obeyed and actively cooperated in treatment. He also loves dancing and always participates in school activities. Sharing about his future dream, he refused to be a doctor because he was "afraid of needles", but wanted to become a brave firefighter.

Together with the family and medical team, the NCF Taiwan is very happy to contribute to the journey of nurturing the future firefighter’s dream.

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