Every day is a new day

The COVID-19 situation in Taiwan has been difficult these past few months. So does our local partner Vietnam, which was once a global model for epidemic prevention is brutally defeated by the COVID-19.

Vietnamese surgeon Dr. Duong came to Taiwan for training in 2013. As the epidemic gradually becomes severe, numbers of cleft patients have been decreased by 20%. “ If the COVID-19 infections didn’t be controlled, Vietnam’s economy will be greatly affected.” Dr. Duong is worried about patients from low-income family may suffer directly which may affect their interests of going back for treatment.  

The NCF and our Vietnamese local team have regular on-line meeting. Through the meeting, Dr. Duong is able to consult with his Taiwanese supervisor Dr. Lo Lun Jou on the latest surgical skills and discuss on some difficult cases. 

Recalling the days when Dr. Duong was training in Taiwan “Each day when I woke up, I could expect there are something surprised going to happen in the operation room. Even though my supervisor used the similar surgical technique, I could always have new discoveries. I remembered I was earnestly hoping to come back and apply what I learned there in Taiwan.”

“Love Makes Whole” international cleft team goes back to Vietnam for charities surgeries every year. We work closely with Dr. Dong to understand the needs of local patients and medical resources. We set up a craniofacial team together to benefit more local patients.

“Before going to Taiwan, we had difficulty with the bilateral cleft lip for aesthetic outcomes. With the adult cleft palate, we didn’t do surgery because of bleeding reason. We didn’t do OGS for cleft patients. Since I came back, we can give the comprehensive treatment for the patients.” Dr. Duong said proudly.

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