Connecting love from Taiwan to Vietnam

My daughter, a 3 years old Vietnamese girl, was born with severe cleft palate. The past three years have been very tough, but we never give up. To provide Xiao Juan’s medical expenses and huge family living expenses, my husband and I move from a remote village to a big city. We come home to see my mom who looks after Xiao Juan when we are not around and Xiao Juan once a week.

Not long after Xiao Juan was born, I found a strange white spot on her palate. I didn't think much about it at the time. I didn't go to the local hospital until I found it had been getting worse.

After being checked up in a small rural hospital, Xiao Juan was diagnosed with fungal infection. Unfortunately, the doctor couldn’t do much about it. But the infection was spreading. Because of that, we traveled all the way to the Hanoi National Children's Hospital for advanced examination.

We were evaluated by the Hanoi seed medical team trained by the NCF. Xiao Juan was immediately arranged to stay in the hospital for further observation. But the stay was last for one month. During Xiao Juan's hospitalization, she had to take antibiotics shots three times a day. I was so helpless to see her small body getting so many injections.

In order to take care of Xiao Juan, my husband and I had to give up our original jobs and rent an apartment nearby the hospital. However, my families can’t survive with no income. So we took a part-time job instead. At least we could have some income. As long as my child is still alive, we will be strong. 

Xiao Juan's upper palate is very severe also easily infected. Local team of Hanoi always updates the NCF about Xiao Juan’s condition. We are all hoping that when Xiao Juan’s physical condition is ready we can have her cleft surgery done. 

The Vietnamese seed medical team used the experience of training in Taiwan to continue guarding my family. Also, because of the love and generosity from Taiwan, we are allowed to have medical subsidies and transportation subsidies. Our family is blessed by your love. With that, we will never ever give up.

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