Much thank to NCFPI & NCF Taiwan

Thank you for giving Savannah the smile we thought we will never see. I am Ms. Melbylene Broqueza, mother of Savannah.

"Oh, a cleft baby"—I heard from the surgeon while I was lying on the operation table after my caesarean delivery of my second born.

I closed my eyes convincing myself that I was dreaming. It must be wrong. I was very careful during my pregnancy. My eldest is born with healthy. I kept telling myself "This cannot be" until I was back in the recovery room and a nurse approached me, "Did you know your baby has a cut like this?" pointing to her lips trying not to tell the word “cleft.” I answered, “Yes, I overheard from the doctors.” 

After a while, my husband showed up. The moment I saw him, my tears came out of my eyes as if it would never stop. I just cried and cried. It seems that my husband already knew the conditions of our daughter. He tried to comfort me. 

“I can’t imagine how would she conquer this. What would happen to her in the future? How would she grow up well with self-esteem and survive the judgment of other people. I couldn’t stand if someone bullies her because of her cleft.”I lost my emotion and couldn’t help but blame myself.

After all these, my husband said this to me, "We are here for our baby. We will not allow her to experience what you fear. We will make a way to fix what is wrong with her." What my husband said slowly calmed me down and I prayed to the Lord to help us get through this. 

A week later, we started searching for institutions or foundations that could help my daughter. We tried the internet, inquiring hospitals or friends who might know one. We went to a hospital nearby our town where they provide free cleft surgeries. However, they only do lip surgery but not cleft palate. Then we found NCFPI. That’s the start of our journey to my baby girl’s sweet smile. So far, Savannah had successfully undergone her lip surgery which we are very happy about. The doctors, nurses, social workers, and sponsors are the greatest and my families are more than grateful.

To NCFPI & NCF Taiwan, thank you for giving Savannah the smile that we thought we will never see. You gave us all the hopes that future will still be fair and bright for our God’s greatest gift. My family and I will never stop thanking you for everything. May God bless all, the doctors, nurses, social workers, and sponsors for your legacy. Glory be to the Lord.

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