Great love with Maria

My name is Maria, a surgeon form the Indonesia. I came from a very modest family with no medical history background. When I was little I was determined to be a doctor. I remembered that I was extremely proud and excited when I was chosen to be a little doctor in elementary school. Now I am glad that I chose this path. 

In my country, general physicians in big cities usually are not being appreciated. We work with low fare compare to other countries. But as a plastic surgery specialty doctor, of course it brings more value and benefit.


Like some of the southeast countries, we encounter more problems than you do in Taiwan. Most of our patients cannot finish basic surgery even some of the surgery cost is covered by the government. Tiring travelling and unaffordable accommodation nearby the hospital during their treatments always are main factors which hinders patients from coming to the hospital. 

I knew about the scholarship from an Indonesian plastic surgeon who is also CGMH fellow. I was impressed by the numbers of surgeries that CGMH could have in one day and how patient-centered the hospital system is. Also, I was amazed by how well the infrastructures and facilities are. It seems that CGMH has unlimited resources. 

I like everything about Taiwan and what I like the most is the people. Their discipline and humility always amazed me. I even asked my Taiwanese friends how their parents raised them to be this kind of person. I was hoping to find out something that I may bring back to raise my own kids. I enjoyed leisure time with other fellows visiting places of attractions in Taoyuan, Taipei, and Taichung. Every attraction place is well managed, I think Taiwan government did really well to advance the tourism industry. 

My goal is to build a craniofacial team to provide comprehensive treatment. The biggest challenges come with is to educate people more about cleft. After the training, my mindset was transformed and I understand that cleft patients are deserved to look as normal as possible despite their congenital deformities. 

We have patients that haven’t got any treatment later than the ages they are supposed to be operated. I always feel sorry for them. How these patients have to suffer more than they should have, because of lack of information, education, and money. It is crucial to educate patients to have correct concept. When they know the better option, they will work whatever it is to make it happen. And that’s what I am striving for.

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