Surgery or not? Microtia kids may know what you don’t…

This is what you will hear often in the Craniofacial Center at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, especially during microtia appointments. “No! I will never take new-ear surgery (Otoplasty)! ” 5-year-old Yang, he shouted as hard as possible to make it clear taking Otoplasty is never an option. Obviously, this is not his time to sit here and roar. Alternatively, he started to blame on his parents for giving one ugly ear. By those words, Yang’ mom felt like more than thousands of knives stabbing on her heart.


Although Yang’s parents are aware of techniques and outcome, changing Yang’s mind is almost impossible. After walking out the room, they saw Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (NCF) social worker waving at them. The NCF workers tried to calm Yang down and carefully listened to their problem. As experience, this is usually a long-term negotiation between kids and parents. But this time Yang is different from others, because he is interested in the “Play Therapy.”


NCF social workers invited Yang to join "Release Play Therapy*." That is a way to help Yang found out how doctors and nurses work in hospital and how they make treatment or operation work smoothly. By using toys to demonstrate and encourage him his confidence in the playroom. Through role playing, there’s no more mysteries and can’t wait to have this surgery soon.


The NCF helps patients get medical treatments, and more importantly, guides craniofacial patients to love everything about us, including our imperfections.

“I’m ready!” Yang spoke excitingly this time in the hospital.

On the surgery day, Yang showed amazing courage and surprised everyone.

 “Dr. Chen will catch bugs from my ear when I fall asleep in it. Don’t worry Mom, see you later. I’ll see you later.” Yang held mom still and said it slowly.

Yang’s huge transformation surprised and comforted his parents from the bottom of the heart . We are so happy to see their life experience. The NCF will always stand with craniofacial patients and family.

**Release Play Therapy**: Play therapy refers to a range of methods of capitalising on children's natural urge to explore and harnessing it to meet and respond to the developmental and later also their mental health needs. (sources: wikipedia)

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