NCF Respite Care, Craniofacial families’ Rest

NCF Respite Care, Craniofacial families’ Rest

As a craniofacial parent, I fully experienced from struggles of a newborn baby to every surgery. In my memories, tears and worries fulfilled half of it. The other half, with the help of Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (the NCF), it went smoothly and optimistically. Now, my baby boy is all repaired and enjoying college life.

Last year, I got a call from NCF. It was about the service called Respite Care*, for those newborn cleft lip or palate parents. During the conversation, it recalled me from what I’ve been through when hard work of feeding and taken care of after surgery. They suggested with all my experience, it’s not only a great experience but amazing skills for those parents to avoid sorrow. Saying yes with enthusiasm is right away from my mouth.

NCF Respite Care, Craniofacial families’ RestNCF Respite Care, Craniofacial families’ Rest

I always remember the first family I took care. 

The baby was just after cleft lip surgery. Normally, there should have be a nasal stent** on. Based on baby’s discomfort, parents chose to keep baby calm and ignored the nasal stent. Therefore, the flattened nose and oral issued occurred. At the moment, all in my mind is persuade them to put it on no matter what. I took no notice of their concern, but just talked all the bad consequence they will cost. They were frustrated, and that was the last time we see each other.

After that, I started to consult with social workers in NCF. I realized not to mention considerate, I was cruel and ruthless. It’s all because of lacking of listening. Listening starts the door of sympathy. With sympathy, we are in the same box. In NCF , providing the comprehensive cleft care of babies is always the basis. After seeing the reflection of myself in the mirror, I apologized to parents and earned the forgiveness from them.


* Respite Care Service :

NCF provide the Respite Care Service in home. The professional support is for the parents with cleft newborn for a better healthcare. The trained cleft caregivers will assist craniofacial family go smooth in their first year.

** Nasal stent: A nasal stent (also called a nostril splint) is a pair of small soft tubes, each about as thick as a straw. The stent is placed in your child's nostrils after cleft lip surgery to help the nostrils keep their shape while the surgery wound is healing. (sources:

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