The Boxing Doctor

"I was seriously ill when I was two years old. I was arranged in the emergency room at the hospital for an urgent care for two months. Maybe I was destined to be a doctor since that." Dr. Timur, who once faced life and death, is a maxillofacial surgeon from Russia. "But it was not until I was 13 that I decided to choose my career as a doctor." The Republican Clinical Hospital is the hospital where Dr. Timur was rescued and now he is now working here. "I chose to serve in Republican Clinical Hospital, one of the reasons is that my life was saved here."

"If I was not a doctor, I might follow my father's footsteps to be a police detective. I have to thank my parents for their spiritual and financial support all the way." Although it’s very competitive to be a doctor, Dr. Timur had never thought about giving up? "I don't often feel emotionally stressed, perhaps because I am an athlete! I used to be a boxer. The so-called "iron discipline" has cultivated my tough character."

When we ask the reason, "There are only four Maxillofacial Surgeons at my hospital to treat as many as 900 patients of all ages with all kinds of maxillofacial conditions of every year. Honestly, we can’t pay much attention on each patient due to the huge loading. Also, we are unable to specialize in cleft lip and palate treatment. Thankfully, I knew a Mongolian surgeon, Ayanga, who is the NCF seed surgeon and introduced the fellowships program to me. The training in Taiwan Chang Gung’s is really eye-opening for me.”

It is my greatest honor to be the craniofacial fellow supervising by Professor Lo Luo zhou in the Chang Gung in Taiwan. The medical care in Taiwan focuses on humanitarian concern and doctor- patient relationship. I can see warm interactions from interns to seniors in the hospital, patients and their parents. " Whether in medical software or hardware, Russia has too much to learn from Taiwan."

How about the biggest difference between Taiwan and Russia? "Although Taiwan and Russia are on the same planet, they seem to live in two different worlds. The two countries are completely different. I only read about Taiwan in the textbooks when I was a student. I came to Taiwan and found that Taiwan is really beautiful. I liked literally everything in Taiwan: from gastronomic delights to friendly people, order in the country. Whenever possible, I tried to visit all the historical and cultural places I like to visit some historical and cultural attractions, especially the National Palace Museum of Taiwan. Taiwanese are very cheerful and open, Russians are closed and moody.”

At the end of the interview, Dr. Timur did not forget to thank the NCF for providing training opportunities, "I have too many goals in my heart to accomplish. I have learned the profession, and the next step is the medical system problem. This is not something that can be achieved overnight, but I believe with the blueprint in my mind that I can achieve my goal step by step."  

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