Because of love, there are no defects

Ray , an 8-year-old boy ,was born with cleft lip and palate. NCF has been assisting Ray’s mom since she was pregnant and gone through many difficult times together. Ray is now a lovely healthy boy, and his mother is very happy to share her testimony:

My life fell into darkness as I knew the baby inside me is with unilateral cleft lip and palate. I could hardly imagine how horrible the life of my child is going to be. I just could not stop crying as I think about my expecting baby.

"I just could not stop crying as I think about my expecting baby." Ray's mom said

In the middle of my pregnancy, my husband and I found out that our expecting baby has a cleft lip and palate. We were very upset, feeling like our world were upside down. We were guided to the consultant social worker of the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (the NCF). The social worker told us it is normal that we felt overwhelmed. That is what almost every parent to be will experience. But the social worker explained to us what the NCF and the CGMH can do to help us to go through the trial. They told us that the craniofacial surgeons of the CGMH are very professional; cleft can be repaired with 1-hour operation. But my husband and I only took it as comforting words. I am dubious about these words until the social worker showed me the after operation photos of other cleft kids. It seems that there is light shining in the darkness, we left the NCF office with peace and hope.

Look back on the past, my husband and I have been growing. We found that the only thing we need is have the "courage" to accept this "special" child. Once we accept this child, he would change our concept of "normal" and "perfect." Now, we believe "Because of love, there are no defects"!

Events are frequently organized by the NCF for each stage of children to participate. For some events the families are involved. My families participate in every NCF event. From there, Ray gradually builds on his confidence and happiness. Also, my husband and I no longer blame ourselves for Ray’s cleft. We always have happy stories to tell.

The only thing we need is have the "courage" to accept this "special" child.

Our families become the NCF volunteers. Whenever there are parents hesitant to keep the fetus because of its cleft, we take Ray to meet them. They would be more relief to see how lovely a cleft child could be!

Ray is 8 years old now. I am very grateful to the Father allowing me to understand the defect is actually not on the child, but on the adult. The problem is in the parents’ heart. As long as we are willing to adjust, we will no longer see any defects in our children. Also, when we see our children as "normal", our children will see themselves as normal. Dr. Noordhoff, founder of the NCF, once said: "Give Life A Chance and It Will Have Its Way!"

With Love and patience, the NCF is always with the craniofacial families going through each up and down. They are like the sun shining in the cracks of life which makes seeds have the chance to grow as beautiful flowers. Our children teach us to bear the weight of life and understand that accepting imperfections will make us more complete.

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