Novel--The Brave Boy Who Stands Against Fate

In the year 2017, an Indonesian boy Novel Samuel Siagian (Novel) was introduced to NCF, he suffered from Bilateral Cleft lip & Palate since he was born. A local NGO in Indonesia “Children of Sumatra” found Novel at the age of 1, and helped him with the first surgery. However, the lip was split open in the recovery process. Novel's mom took him for the second surgery in 2011, the surgery went well but sadly the lip was split again. Novel went through other 2 surgeries in 2014 & 2016, unfortunately, they didn't really work out either.

When Novel first came to Taiwan

Novel and his mom were traumatized and didn't want to take any surgery again. Despite all the heart-breaking experiences, Novel's mom is a strong woman who works hard to feed the family, as a single parent she has never give up hope. A year later, an American charity”McGann-Ratner Foundation” decided to help Novel by referring him to Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (NCF) in Taiwan. NCF has been working with the reputable Craniofacial Center of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) for decades, and dedicated in providing essential support to domestic & overseas craniofacial patients.

In July 2017, Novel and his mom finally made their way to Taiwan. By then, his jaw is severely twisted and the front teeth are protruded, which makes it more difficult for surgery. Dr. Lo, Lun-Jou is the head surgeon for Novel, he explained the surgery will start by having partial maxilla removed and pushed to the right position first. 3 pins were then placed in Novel's nasal cavity to make sure the bone will grow strong enough.The surgery was a big success and Novel was in good recovery. Both Novel & his mom are happy with the result. The pins were removed few months after Novel went home, he can finally put on a big smile when having fun with other kids!

Novel with new smile

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