Let Laurante Find His Smile Again

Laurante, a nine-month-old born with cleft lip and palate, however weighs only 3,200 g, the same weight as a newborn.

His family couldn’t afford the milk powder, let alone the bottle for his special need. Laurante could only cry and suck his fingers when he’s hungry, hoping his mother would feed him with spoon. Laurante’s father is the only earner in the family, he works as a construction worker and earns less than 5,000 NTD (160 USD) per month. The limited income barely covers the rent, utilities and food for six.

(Photo: Laurante could not receive proper sugery due to severe malnutrition )

In Taiwan, infants who weigh more than 5 kilograms could first have their cleft lip repaired at 3 months, and palate surgery could be done at 9 months. Because of malnutrition and underweight, Laurante is still too weak for the surgery. However, his doctor said” Laurante was only 2,800 kilograms at 4 months old, now he’s 3,200 kg, he is making great progress!

(Photo: Philippines has around 4000 new-born cleft babies each year.)

Though the progress may seem slow, his family is still not giving up on Laurante. If the poverty remains, Laurante’s dream of having a beautiful smile may be difficult to come true.

(Photo: NCF Philippines is a solid medical team to provide comprehensive cleft care and treatment)

Children who has cleft lip and palate requires 18 years of comprehensive health care. NCF aims to help more children like Laurante in receiving medical treatments and nutrition supplies. Join Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, and help us putting the smile back on their faces again!

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