NCF Brings a Ray of Hope

Amina Muhammad Huggaci has the clearest and sparkling eyes but she is also born with cleft lip. The only friend Amina has is her nine-year-old sister, no one in the village is willing to approach her. At the age of 1, Amina was taken to the hospital for surgery however being turned down because of underweight issue, she weighed only 7 kg and was too weak for the surgery then.

(Photo: Amina could not receive surgery by Taiwan medical team due to flu.)

When Amina’s mother knew the NCF medical team from Taiwan will visit Urumqi in Xinjiang again this year. Holding on a ray of hope, her mother borrowed money from their relatives & friends again, and then took the ride for 26 hours from Hotan to Urumqi. Though the issue of underweight has been solved. Amina got a flu on the way, for it’s a long and rough journey. Once again, Amina couldn’t have the surgery done. When her mother knew the heartbreaking truth, she cried, begging the doctors to stay few more days, and promised that Amina will recover soon.

(Photo: For many patients in Xinjiang, China, the recovery is a long way to go.)

Amina’s father works as a security guard and her mother is a cleaning lady, their limited income barely supports the family of six. The family couldn’t afford the medical bills anymore; they even have to borrow money for traveling to the hospital.

Amina’s mother is still full of hope, expecting the next visit of the medical team, hopefully by then, Amina will be strong enough to go through the surgery.

Children with cleft lip & palates requires comprehensive medical care like follow-ups and monitoring treatments until they are 18 years old. With your support, NCF can help more children to find their smile again!

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