My name is Rojan.

Run for people who has Cleft lip & palate—Rojen’s lifelong Marathon journey in Philippine

I was often the target of bullying by my classmates since I was an elementary school student. Everyone look down on me except for my parents. Back then I wish to die instead of living a miserable life.

Rojen had his first repaired surgery done by some medical mission from other country at the age of 5, however, the result was not what he expected. The wound developed fistula after the surgery, he couldn’t speak clearly which made him a target of mockery.

Rojen’s life has become totally different when he met the seed doctors from Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (NCF). He had gone through surgeries for 3 times, along with speech therapy and routine follow-ups. “Comparing with other congenital genetic disease, cleft lip and palates are more curable. With proper treatment at early stage, their appearance could look as normal as others after the healing process. I know there are still many adult patients who suffer from low self- esteem and is afraid to face the public, that’s what I was like before. Things can change and that’s why I want to encourage people to overcome their fear and run for themselves, just like I am,” said Rojen. He is now a marathon runner advocating to support the cleft lip and palates in Philippine.

“I hope no kids will ever have to miss the right time for treatment because of poverty and lack of medical resources, and the cleft lip and palates could have their smiles back on their faces without tears shedding for being bullied.


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