Speech Pathology Training in Taiwan is A Turing Point in My Life

▲Ms Anh with NCF Cambodian fellow Alin became good friends during their training in Taiwan  

Ms Anh is a speech pathologist from Maxillofacial and Plastic Department, National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology in Ho Chi Minh City. She had been 1 month observer at CGMH. NCF as the sponsor of Ms Anh’s training in Taiwan is very pleased to hear that she had been gaining a lot from the training program. Ms Anh not only learned about speech therapy but also understood the hospital procedure of a complete assistant and treatment for Cleft lip-palate patients (from newborn to grow-up stage).


“After being 1 month observer at CGMH, with better understanding and techniques I’m more confident to give SLP treatment for my patients. Also, after this training, I am able to correctly evaluate the VPI function of cleft lip-palate cases. Beside, I know how to coordinate with team from other professionsregarding the SLP problems of Cleft lip-palate patients and come to the bestsolution for them. Now, I can’t wait to go back and apply what I have learned here.


All of my directors, Ms. Ruby and Ms. Claudia and Ms. Yilin are very friendly, kind and enthusiastic. They inspire all the lessons to me. They know what are the best and necessary for me to learn so that I can apply immediately into SLP sessions as coming back Vietnam. Their lectures are basic and simple but full of useful information. They help me to get a general solid base and can continue do self-study. Through observing patients in clinics and lessons discussions, they analyzed the wrong and right methods and help me to do self-correct. If anything is not clear, I will go to them and immediately get clear explanation from them. Besides, they recommend me some good books for reference. I really admire the high-professional knowledge and wonderful skills in SLP therapy of my fellowship directors. Also, they treat me as their family, they always buy me some coffee, cakes and warm coats to keep me warm. Sometimes, we will have nice chats during the break times which make me feel home.

The one month training in Taiwan is short but intense. It is a turning point to me. I am very grateful and can’t wait to go back and apply what I have learned here to my patients. "

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