A Letter from Ms Alin, the NCF Cambodian Coordinator


▲ Ms Alin (1st from the left) is the corrdinator of National Pediatric Hospital, NCF Cambodian partner hospital.

I spent 8 hours visiting my patients at their houses around Phnom Penh City last Thursday. Although it was quite tough on the way to their places, I was still so happy to meet them. As I arrived, I can see bright smiles on their faces and they are really happy with their lives after operations. I love their true smiles, they are so beautiful. Some of them go to school already; we were very happy to see each other and had long talk together. But their parents are very concern about children’s speech. Which I can understand. When the patients talked to me, I could hear the nasal speech. I will do assess with them, and try to help them more although I am not yet become a speech therapy.

Because We want to help all cleft lip and palate patients in Cambodia to have lives like normal children. I can say it is a good place in National Pediatric Hospital for cleft lip and palate people to come for free surgeries.

▲ Ms Alin (1st from the left) with the patient and her mom.

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