A Planted Seed- An Internatioanl Patient from China, Yang Yunying

▲Photos of Yunyin, which show the obvious changes of her appearance before (the left) and after (the right) surgeries. 

Yang Yunying, an 11 years old girl from China, is a patient suffered from neurofibromatosis(NF), which is a genetic disorder of the nervous system. The first symptom appeared when Yunying was 1 year old, it started as a small lump, slowly it grew in size and a huge turgid tumor was developed on right half of her face. Pressure from the tumors of Yunying’s face and brain inconvenienced her life and caused balance loss and learning disabilities.

▲In 2012, it was the first time of Yunying's being in Taiwan. 

Yunying is the 7th international patient of NCF; she was referred by Taiwan Christian Medical Association (TCMA). Dr. Yan Guoshun, a member of TCMA, found Yunying on his medical mission trip to Yunnan in 2011. Soon, NCF arranged meetings with Dr. Philip Chen, director of the Craniofacial Center Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and decided to invite Yunying coming to Taiwan for her first phase of treatment. Which included 4 surgeries, all being finished in 2012.  

As Yunying's first arrival, she had to go through a thorough and precise physical examinations before the surgeries. Photo of Yunyin being accompanied by mom.

So far, Yunying had undergone 6 surgeries. She finished her 2nd phase treatment last December to have her right eye socket symmetrical with the left one, an artificial eye fitted in and eyebrows transplanted. According to Dr. Philip Chen, Yunying would be back at end of the year to have the 3rd phase treatment.

▲Photo was taken in the ward after Yunying  finished her 2nd phase treatment last December 

Whoever knows Yunying since her first coming to Taiwan in 2012 says that “Yunying has changed notably.” That is not only in the sense of the appearances but her personalities. “Yunying is much more talkative and smiles more often,” Yunying’s attending nurse said. Except for being in the hospital, most of the time Yunying stayed in Ronald McDonald House Charities while she were in Taiwan. According to the staff from Ronald McDonald House Charities, Yungying was very quiet and always stuck with mom coming in and going out in the first few days when she arrived. Gradually, she became sociable; she could talk with anyone she met.

Yunying joined NCF domestic event after being recharged. 

Adhere to the belief “Love Has No Boundaries, ” NCF has sponsored its overseas patients since 2002. We usually have 1 overseas patient every 2 years; Yunying is the 7th overseas patient. As the sponsor of Yunying, we are very happy to hear the positive feedbacks from others. Likewise, we could see her growth in personalities as the appearance has been changed. We believe it is not just a body we are handling with; it’s the heart and soul. “Changing a child’s appearance helps him better understand love and how to share love with others when he grows up.” (Dr. Samuel Noordhoff, the Founder of NCF )

▲With a new face, Yunying is looking forward to her brandnew life ahead. 

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