More Blessed to Give Than to Receive

This is my first time visiting Mongolia as well as joining the medical mission. Before departure, I have heard some stories from the people who went before. So I have sort of pictures in my mind of how traditional and simple the medical environment could be and thinking to myself nothing unexpected happened would surprise me.

Qiao Fen in the operation room

The local hospital we cooperated with is National Center for Maternal and Child Health of Mongolia. It is a patient-oriented hospital. You could see many cartoon stickers around as decorations on the walls. Which could easily ease the tension, nerves, fear or other negative emotions of kids.

Speaking to the Mongolian kids, they are adorable. They were incredibly cooperative and did everything we requested. In Taiwan, the last thing kids would do is to see the “scary” doctors. They would even cry and yell like it’s end of the world. But it was heaven alike in Mongolia, kids open their mouth without 2nd word, they showed their arms to be injected without hesitation. That was indeed awesome and I couldn’t help but loving these kids on the 1st day of our trip.

Qiao Fen with the patient 

Another thing impressed me is the love of Mongolian parents to their kids. Although I could not understand their language, I could clearly tell the sincere adoration from their gaze at the kids. To attend the medical mission, some parents even travelled from hundreds of kilometer away to see the doctor. Although they are not wealthy, they always try best for the good of their beloved children.

Dr. Zoloo is the NCF Anesthesiologist Seed Doctor; his training duration was from 2009 to 2010. On this trip, we Taiwanese Medical Team were superbly amazed of how local anesthesiologists treated patients. That was exactly the same way how we do in Taiwan, we are very glad that Dr. Zoloo passed the knowledge and skills he learnt in Taiwan down to his Mongolian colleagues.

▲Group Photo of Medical Team from Taiwan 

Before we set off, I had been wondering what actually could we achieve within such a short stay. Until I finally realize what really mattersis not how many surgeries we did but to what extend these NCF Seed doctors had learnt from this mission, regarding to the skills, experiences and knowledge. That is what will last and has profound impacts. In the past years, there are Surgeons, Orthodontists, Anesthesiologist, Nurses, Speech Pathologists came to Taiwan for medical training.

NCF reckons Seed doctors training is not an one- time training. International medical mission is a good chance to evaluate seed medical doctors and exchange ideas on some complicated cases. What NCF is doing can really empower the local doctors to be self-sufficient, to perform good quality surgeries and help local kids have beautiful bright smiles.

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